Connect Beaver County

Broadband Program

What You Need to Know

Beaver County is advancing a Broadband Program to bring high-speed internet to the communities across the county that need it most. Through the Connect Beaver County Broadband Program, broadband service access will be provided in 24 municipalities across the county in areas that are unserved or underserved. This initiative will utilize just under $20 million of American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funding and aims to be completed by December 2024.

Visit the About the Program page to learn more about the areas receiving new broadband service.

The Issue

We’ve identified 24 municipalities with areas in Beaver County that do not have access to the internet or struggle with unreliable service. This impacts the quality of life for residents of our community struggling with online education and remote work. It also impacts our businesses and limits our economic development if we don’t have the technology and connections we need to advance.

The Process

Connect Beaver County builds upon the successful broadband survey and planning project completed in 2021 to identify the areas most in need. Two Early Action Projects will begin in Spring 2022 to deliver service to two opportunity areas and establish best practices. We’ll be issuing a request for proposal to launch a competitive bid process for qualified, local Internet Service Providers to provide service to the other identified opportunity areas starting Fall 2022.

The Solution

The Connect Beaver County Program includes five key actions:

  1. New Broadband Service Delivery
  2. Digital Navigator Program
  3. Connect County-owned Towers via Fiber
  4. Broadband Utility Connection Fund
  5. Continued Digital Equity and Data Collection Analyses

Projects In Progress

To learn more about the different projects currently going on for the Connect Beaver County Project, scroll through and select the latest update to learn more about Connect Beaver County Projects and News!

Check back often as this information is frequently updated.

Community Feedback Received

“During COVID-19, our internet could not support virtual learning for our two children. We had to rely on the school to help supply us with a hotspot.”

- Resident, Marion Township

“We really dislike only having satellite as our only option. It is slow, doesn't work well, and is expensive for the level of service provided.”

- Resident, South Beaver Township

“Internet needs to become a service utility like gas and electric, not an expensive extra. Every household needs internet access.”

- Resident, Bridgewater Borough

“I have no internet where I live. If you did not include a phone number for this project, I couldn’t have gotten a hold of you.”

- Resident, Beaver County

“So excited to see this! There are parts of our borough that don't have broadband.”

- Resident, Beaver County

“Cellular service is spotty on Neville Road in Beaver, PA. Emergency services, technicians, service workers all have challenges to connect to cellular signals.”

- Resident, Beaver County


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